Thursday, September 23, 2010

Port of Call: La Jolla, California

The next stop on our road trip after we left the lively city of San Diego to drive up along the coast to the beautiful beaches of California.Our first stop: La Jolla. About a half hour out of San Diego sits this beautiful beach town. So, here's day two of our Cali road trip:
I just really thought this was funny. Does your chicken do drugs?
In La Jolla, this wealthy beach town, there was this cave you could walk down. 

This was the cave from the outside. 
These birds were all over! 
Not going to lie, this guy under the umbrella was my idea of the typical California lifeguard. Skim/Swim Sweetie would have LOVED him! She's totally into that surfer boy. 
Daisies lined the rocky hills on the coast. Tell me it get prettier than this, I probably won't believe you. Surfer Sister pulled one of these and saved it to press and keep. 
Sea lions just relaxed in the hot sun on top of the rocks in La Jolla. They were so adorable!
One thing I loved about Cali was that everything was nature-oriented and exercising was part of everyone's life, not just some. Wouldn't you love to have a kayaking club? 
This truly defines the Californian Go-Green idea. Spread this word and we may just start to really live green.
This was a beach just for sea lions. They lined this one beach and people shared information about the local issues with the sea lions having their own beach. You'd be surprised to know people have such a problem with it. 
 Well, that's La Jolla for you! Catch you tomorrow for our next stop on our road trip!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! My best friend wants to live in CA when she graduates, so I'll make sure we go to La Jolla when I go visit her!