Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Port of Call: San Francisco

San Francisco was beyond words! It was everything I always imagined it would be, and then some. We stayed in this beautiful hotel on the 26th floor that looked over Chinatown. Here's the pictures from the trip:
The view from the Coit Tower's trail

Chinatown at the top of the hill!

Another church we lit candles for my aunt in

We went shopping here for chopsticks for our new house!

Wouldn't you love to bike down these streets?
These hills actually make exploring more physical, which we loved since we didn't go to the gym that morning!

Coit Tower! The tallest tower in all of San Fran!

View of San Fran from the hike up to Coit

This was just chilling in a tree on the Coit path. Parrots even in San Francisco. This actually surprised us!

Alcatraz! The famous prison of some of the biggest criminals in history, including Al Capone. It was closed down after someone escaped with a plastic spoon. Some people just have a scary, creative mind.
Skyline from Coit tower!

Golden Gate!

The famous Telegraph Hill!

St. Peter's Church

The Cable Car Museum!

This is how all of the cable cars in San Francisco run! How crazy is that!

Inside a cable car

Only in San Fransisco
Our Cable Car trips :]

going down to Schooner's Wharf
going down Lombard Street! It is the most crooked street in the world! All of those cars are on a single road!

Another view :] That tower in the back is Coit!

Schooner's Wharf!
Where the hippie movement started!

Golden Gate park!
The Painted Ladies! Yes, these are the houses from Full House!

The Golden Gate from Presidio Park!

Good bye, San Francisco. Next stop: Muir Woods!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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  1. Your pictures are fabulous! I got engaged in San Fran and blogged about it today, how crazy! I have some awesome pics of the golden gate and Pacific. Love that place!!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife