Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Summer in Review

This has been one amazing summer! I can tell you one thing, nothing went as planned. I mean, I was on a traveling sailing team and I worked, but not everything turned out as I thought it would. But in the end, I think I learned a lot. So here's some of my favorite pictures of this crazy summer... (sorry some of the dates on these pictures say 2009...it took me a while to figure out my new camera)
Our 6th Annual 4th of July Parade with the newest members!
The most beautiful boat I have ever had the privilege to be on.
I got to spend time on the beach with everyone and we had beach parties every weekend! We stayed on the beach until 11 o'clock. So much fun!
There were so many beautiful sunsets this summer!
On rainy days when I wasn't sailing, all of our friends would grab our beach bikes and go puddle jumping. You'd be surprised how much fun this is!
Board game night! One of my friends bought Lillyopoly! Guess which piece I was? 
It's funny, all of my friends birthdays are in the summer, so needless to say, there was a lotta cake this summer!
Our entire team got to race this gorgeous sailboat. The boom (the wooden pole in the picture) itself weighed over 500 pounds and it was made from a tree in South America!
One of our favorite days of racing that summer. There were about 55 boats at this regatta. One thing everyone remembers from this one is that the lunches were so yummy!
I went to this awesome sailing thing in Rhode Island, which is one of my favorite places on earth! This is where I was first introduced to Vineyard Vines, too!
One thing is certain, this summer was unbelievable! I'm looking forward to what fall brings, but this was a very fun summer.

Have a good day!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

Monday, August 30, 2010


First off, thank you so much to Little Miss Can't Be Wrong for giving me the Versatile Blog award! I'm so appreciative of all of you that read my blog and follow me. I know its just starting out, but I've got a lot of big plans for it! Little Miss Can't Be Wrong's blog is so cute! Its called how i met your father, which is so clever! Btw, she's hosting a giveaway right now and it's really awesome!

Okay so the rules of the Versatility blog award areeee:
-link the award giver and thank them!
-list 7 things about yourself
-pass on the award

So here are my 7:

1. Sailing may be one of my largest priorities, but I'm really well rounded when it comes to what I do. I've been on Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Gymnastics, Dance/Company, Swim Teams, Student Council, Tennis, Yearbook, Key Club, Spanish Club, Student Ambassadors, Lifeguarding, Singing, Theatre, and of course, Sailing, among other things. Because of this, I have many different groups of friends, which makes me look like a floater, but truthfully, I just am close with a mix of different types of people.

2. I've been to 7 different schools. I was the new girl at a feeder high school. I didn't know a soul! If these experiences have helped me with anything, its certainly that I am generally speaking very friendly. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have friends because everyone already knew everyone. 

3. I'm semi obsessed with nail polish and shoes. I have very very small feet so its so easy to find them on sale and since my feet don't grow, I don't get rid of them. As for nail polish, I have over 25 different OPI colors. There's a store by us that sells it for like $4 so I stalk up every time I go in there. Right now, my favorite is definitely lavender. Its a cute, girly color and has a nice presence on my summer tanned skin.

4. I love love lovvvvve traveling! My favorite place I have been so far is California. Last spring we flew into San Diego and for 9 days drove from there to Napa Valley. On the way, we went to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, La Jolla, Venice Beach (so not classy), Santa Monica, San Louis Obispo, Los Angeles, Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel by the Sea, San Fransisco, Yosemite National Park, and Napa. It was amazing! Keep your eyes out for a post on the vacation!
5. I love Broadway! My school goes on a lot of trips to go see plays, so my friends and I always go! I've seen Rock of Ages, Hair, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, and Wicked. My favorite by far is Wicked! I saw it with a really close friend from where I used to live and that made the play's meaning that much more special. I also love Kristin Chenoweth! I think she is absolutely fantastic and talented! Plus, she always wears pink in that play! 
6. For the longest time, I was so anti-prep because I thought it made me look exactly like my mom, who is very pretty but I didn't want to look like her since I was a teenager. My entire family is ultra preppy, and I wanted to have my own style. But since I was born, I always wore preppy clothes. When I went shopping, even when I tried to find a more surfer girl look, I always ended up getting a preppy vibe to it. Finally, I just realized what my style really was and that I can look young and still be preppy! Now, I'm not worried if I look like my mom and I love my clothes! I may be the only girl in my class who wears polos on dress down days or wears bright Lilly prints, but I like being original! I also like that I feel smart when I dress preppy. Plus, it kinda goes with being a sailor to be preppy. 

7. I really enjoy blogging! I started blogging after reading so many preppy blogs and realized that I could do it, too! I hope I'm doing the preppy blog world justice. I really love how kind everyone is and how motivating! I really appreciate all of you who read my blog and comment. Its so kind of you! I know I only have about 11  followers, but hopefully it'll grow! And those of you who are one of those 11, thank you so much! If you would ever like to see me post about something specific, just email me or comment on one of my posts. I'm always open to suggestions!

And the seven people I'm going to tag...

S.S.'s Songs of Summer

We all have those songs that remind us of summer; those songs we purposely search through our iPods for in the middle of the winter just to know there is hope that summer is coming. Here's the songs that were played on Captain Dad's sailboat, "Simplicity," sung on my boat with my partner, listened to at work, blasted in Lilly Lover's car, ran on the beach to, and my favorite, made memories to.

"Bama Breeze" by Jimmy Buffet
Captain Dad and I love listening to this while cruising the bay in his sailboat

"Home" by Michael Buble
this is just a classic summer song that all of my friends and I love

"We are Golden" by Mika
Surfer Sister and I did early morning ab workouts on the beach to this song

"Love Today" by Mika
Lilly Lover and I loved blasting this in her car

"Sail on, Sail on, Sailor" by Jimmy Buffet
weekend afternoon sailing adventures through the bay

"Mary's Song (Oh my, my, my)" by Taylor Swift
 somethings just are explained through lyrics...this is one of them

"I <3 ?" by Taylor Swift
 my friend had a nasty breakup, so we wrote this on her hand

"Barefoot Children in the Rain" by Jimmy Buffet
 rainy days of jumping in puddles in old sailing gear 

"Young Forever" by Jay Z
 my sailing partner and I would always sing this when we weren't competing

"What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong
 may the wind push your sails right up to heaven PW, I love you forever 

"Waka Waka" by Shakira
 this was our team's theme song. why? well, the boys are very talented at FIFA the World Cup      video game and this is the World Cup theme song. which totally makes sense because we are a sailing team, not a soccer team?

"Build me a Buttercup"
my friend/team member Shortie Sailor always sang this when he was sailing. i don't know why

All in all, this sums up my summer in one quick playlist. Gotta love music...

What would be your summer playlist?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Sky's at Night, Sleeper's Delight

"Always wear cute pajamas, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams..."

There is nothing nicer than the feeling of waking up and feeling pretty. That all starts with you PJs. 

These are perfect for my lazy winter days after swim practice when I'm spending hours on end at my desk studying. Love all the whales! 
As I write this post, I'm sitting here wearing these. I love elephants! These are so comfy and not too short or uncomfortable to wear when you are sleeping. Perfect for summer and warm nights!
Nick and Nora PJ sets are just fun! I love the sock puppets! These are nice to wear in the winter and they are great to wear Christmas morning if your family is like mine and takes 101 pictures. For some reason I think that PJ sets have a great presence in pictures. 
Patchwork! There are very few things better! 
These are just very vintage and I loved the color...American Eagle calls it Harbor Blue!
Such sailor shorts! I love these! 
Like I said, I LOVE elephants! These are just cute and I need boxers!
There is nothing classier than Ralph Lauren Sleepwear. These are striped so they have that preppy look to them and I have a PJ set from RL and they are so soft!
Talk about preppy sleepwear! I bet this is so comfy and its just so pink and adorable!
I really like wearing shorts to bed so this is nice for the winter because I'll still be semi warm walking around my house. 

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movies to Sea

Confession: I'm about the biggest Harry Potter fan on the face of the earth.Or at least, one of them. I'm extremely sad that the movies are coming to an end. Hermione Granger is literally my academic inspiration, while Emma Watson is in a select group of like 5 people in Hollywood I truly admire.

On the plus side, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park just recently opened! My close friend, Jumping Bean (she's a track girl...can ya guess?), just went and said it was incredible! Her, myself and my friend, Free Spirit Sweetie, have gotten the most awkward looks from people around us at lunch because we sit there and just talk about Harry Potter; naming charms and spells, reciting, and arguing about some minuscule detail in the books. When Jumping Bean was going to WWHP, Free Spirit Sweetie called me and told me to youtube (yes, I'm using this as a verb) the videos from when my "Hollywood Style Sister" (I can't figure this out but Surfer  Sister says this always to me) went to see the Park for the first time. Enjoy!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park

(okay, I can't figure out how to upload the video but just click the link! Hope you get excited like I did!)

Have a great day!

May the wind be with you,
OoXx The Sailor in Pink

Friday, August 27, 2010

S.S. Prep's Latest Races

Regattas, aka sailing races, are some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments of my year. I've had the privilege to travel all over with sailing and I've met some amazing people through it and had so many amazing opportunities. One thing thats super fun about regattas is that you get to sight see and stay in some beautiful areas. My favorite place that I've gone to so far is the Buzzards Bay Regatta in New Bedford and Beverly, Massachusetts. It has to be one of the preppiest places on the planet! 

Everywhere you look at the BBQ/band at night there's little girls walking around in Lilly dresses, men in madras, and women in Jack Rogers! I've also never counted so many Longchamp bags in my life! The town itself is absolutely stunning too! All of the houses are old style New England houses. The yacht clubs are both the definition of sailor perfection. All of the homes on the water have big backyards that are just all grass and where the water meets the land, rocks that look like they've been there forever block the bay water from going straight into the houses. Also, when we would sail out into the open waters, you were surrounded by gorgeous sailboats that ranged from 8 feet to 60. In my eyes, that was the best part! 

The regatta itself was so much fun, too! At night my friends and I would go over and eat at the yacht club and just listen to the band while talking about the day's races. There was also nights that we would go to restaurants, which had amazing seafood by the way, and we would see all of our competitors just by looking at all of the tables around us. The nice part about sailing is that people are so friendly! You ended up spending so much extra time just talking to people. 

Here's some pictures from the regatta:

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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2) Maryland Pink and Green is doing a Casual Friday Follow! definitely join! I've put my blog on the list! Add yours too!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poppin' Collars with Captain Pink

Tonight, Surfer Sissy wore a basic but beautiful outfit when we went to our friends house. (She's younger but we have all the same friends, which I love) She has such great taste always and I can't tell you how much I admire her for that. Tonight, she wore a Ralph Lauren Boy's Rugby with a white Hollister jean style mini skirt (not too mini obviously) and her new Rainbow flip flops. I know, such a basic outfit, but i L O V E D it! She looked so ultra preppy. It got me in the mood for rugbies and decided to post about it!

I lovvve the look of a rugby, skinny jeans and flats, riding boots, basic Sperrys, or rain boots. When I'm at home just studying, I also like the look of a boys rugby and just sweats. Its comfy but still has a preppy look to it. I am looking to get another rugby but I don't want to spend all of my tip money from work on only one of many things I need to buy this fall! So here are my latest favorites...
This is from the Summer Clearance rack on Ralph Lauren Rugby's website. Its so basic but would look really cute with white skinny jeans in the spring or dark wash jeans and boots in the colder months. I also love the color combo! Green and blue in my opinion scream Northeastern Prep girl all the wayyy
This one is truthfully my favorite and I have been admiring it for as long as I can honestly remember. Its the Georgetown Women's rugby. I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT! Georgetown is my number one favorite school on the planet and I would literally do anything to go there for college. (okay, not anything but you know what I mean) My parents were willing to even buy this for me when we go to look at the school again, but I know I will say no. I just refuse to buy it until I have been accepted because what if I don't get in? (this is a frightening concept for me) I won't be able to wear it then. So, I'll just wait and hopefully purchase this in less than a year and a half. I love the pink though!
Another favorite school, Boston College. This is a men's rugby but I love it! I love how it says school pride without being tacky and I like the football on the side and the vintage look to it. I may actually get this because its so cute and I'd wear it. Plus, unlike Georgetown, BC isn't my dream school. Would I like to go there? Yepp, but its not on the top of my list. At least as of right now, but being a Hoya has been a dream since forever and ever ago. As you can tell, I need reasons behind most purchases if they could have a possible negative effect in the future. 

I love this one! Its so fun! I love the big pink strip on it and the skull and cross bones here I think looks cute! I am not a pirate girl at alllll but I think it has a nice preppy look to it because of the color combo and its fun! I'd love to wear this with white or khaki shorts in the summer. This one is probably the one I will actually buy because I'll get the most use out of it. 

Don't you just love these changing seasons? Its a great reason to finally go hard core shopping!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sole Sailor: Sperry Top-Siders

So I'm sorta obsessed with shoes. It could be a problem...possibly. When I was coming up with all of my possible post topics, I knew I needed one for shoes. So here's my first of many shoe posts, all titled Sole (sole, not soul) Sailor.

Sailing is clearly a large aspect to my life, so its bound to be evident in my style. One thing is for sure, boat shoes don't necessarily mean only on the water. I a-dorrrrrre Sperry Top-Siders. They are the perfect shoe for basically anything thing. Here are my latest favorites,

These are the most basic boat shoes there are, but they are so easy to wear with anything! I wear these with anything from after sailing when I'm in comfy clothes to when I'm wearing flowy skirts and a casual top. They are also super duper comfortable!
I like these with skinny jeans because they have that look of a ballet flat to them and don't look too clunky. Like I've mentioned in the past, I'm petite, so if I wear skinny jeans, I need to make sure it doesn't look like I have duck feet. Since these are suede, I consider them a fall and winter shoe.

I know, these aren't boat shoe style, but they are Sperrys! I tried these on, but unfortunately, my size 4.5/5 foot were swimming in these size 6s. Hopefully I'll order them in a smaller size because they are so perfect for wearing to school when it is below freezing and I have to walk a few blocks to park my car (license soon!!!). I highly recommend these over the Ugg moccasins and they have a better look on your feet as well.
I've never had/seen anyone wear these but I think they would look cute with a flannel and even just jeans. They look like they would hold in heat pretty well too, which is perfect for a girl like me who is always chilly, even if it is hot out.
LOVE THESE! They bring such a preppy sailor look to any party dress. I didn't get these but I may get them to wear with a white sundress for a vacation we are going on. I like wedges because being only 16, wearing stilettos or pumps makes me feel like I'm older than my age, and personally, I enjoy being 16. Also, these are shoes that don't exactly go out of style, which makes them worth their dollar (which is on sale be tee dubs!)
There's something about these that I love. They remind me of a horse back rider shoe but that's partially why I love them! Also, they look easy to clean. These are perfect for fall, winter and early spring. You could wear these with anything from jeans and cords to winter skirts. Once again, LOVE THEM!
I figured I'd add my sailor shoes in on this, too. Once in a while I find myself on a bigger boat than just my little racing sailboats, so I have these for them. I love how they feel and the dashes of pink make it that much greater.
And how was I supposed to have a blog entry without something pink? These are precious! I know they are basic but they are just so pink and preppy, which is everything S.S. Prep stands for. I also like the tiny little bow. I want to get these just because I'll never run out of stuff to wear with these.

So, from one Sole Sailor to another, which shoes are your favorites?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink