Friday, August 27, 2010

S.S. Prep's Latest Races

Regattas, aka sailing races, are some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments of my year. I've had the privilege to travel all over with sailing and I've met some amazing people through it and had so many amazing opportunities. One thing thats super fun about regattas is that you get to sight see and stay in some beautiful areas. My favorite place that I've gone to so far is the Buzzards Bay Regatta in New Bedford and Beverly, Massachusetts. It has to be one of the preppiest places on the planet! 

Everywhere you look at the BBQ/band at night there's little girls walking around in Lilly dresses, men in madras, and women in Jack Rogers! I've also never counted so many Longchamp bags in my life! The town itself is absolutely stunning too! All of the houses are old style New England houses. The yacht clubs are both the definition of sailor perfection. All of the homes on the water have big backyards that are just all grass and where the water meets the land, rocks that look like they've been there forever block the bay water from going straight into the houses. Also, when we would sail out into the open waters, you were surrounded by gorgeous sailboats that ranged from 8 feet to 60. In my eyes, that was the best part! 

The regatta itself was so much fun, too! At night my friends and I would go over and eat at the yacht club and just listen to the band while talking about the day's races. There was also nights that we would go to restaurants, which had amazing seafood by the way, and we would see all of our competitors just by looking at all of the tables around us. The nice part about sailing is that people are so friendly! You ended up spending so much extra time just talking to people. 

Here's some pictures from the regatta:

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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  1. Love, love, love all these pictures!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness LOVE the pictures... WILL YOU TEACH ME HOW TO SAIL? This is on my "list" of things to do! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  3. hehehe its the most fun thing you could ever try! since you live very far away from me, I'd suggest googling your local yacht club and if it has a Junior Sailing Program, contact an instructor and usually clubs have some sort of boat! if you need any help let me know!