Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer's Favorites from S.S. Prep

This summer was possibly the craziest summer of my entire life. Between working, sailing all over the Northeast Region, volunteering for a summer long fundraiser, working on the SATs/ACTs, among other things, I have had no time to clean out my closets. Let me tell you, in the next two weeks, this MUST be done. But looking back on this summer that is soon coming to a close, there's a few things I loved to have with me.
My Rainbow flip flops! These are the most comfortable shoes on the planet! They literally form into your feet. They are the shoes of sailors off the water because they can get wet and they go with whatever you are wearing. They were so worth getting. I recommend these to every person even if you just need shoes to wear when you get out of a pool.

My go to beach bag! I love the Vera Bradley totes! It fits just enough without being huge. I can fit 2 magazines, a towel, a hat, my sunglasses, my small Vera Bradley pouch for my phone and iPod, and my book. It also doesn't get gross in sand, which is great.

American Eagle tanks: LOVE THEM! I have a petite frame, but these don't swallow me, which I love. I bought mine a size up because I like loose fitted things during these hot summer days. The ruffle on this reminded me of J. Crew but without the extra $25 on the price tag. I got these in so many colors because they go with everything! I wore these with shorts, tucked into skirts, under swoop neck tees, under cardigans, I mean the list goes on.They are on clearance now and would be a perfect layering piece for fall!

V-neck tees, aka: the vital piece of summer shirts. They literally go with everything and they are comfortable! They were definitely my go to piece when I had my skirts on that had a lot of prints.

Navy sear sucker sailor shorts are my favorite! I wore these when I went to regattas when I wasn't sailing. I think they are just so classy and cute! I would wear a basic top so that the detailed style stood out more and they look adorable with Sperry Top Siders!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink


  1. Welcome, welcome darling girl! We are super-psyched to have you aboard! Can't wait to see all the surprises you have in store for us. Know you've got a big sis along for the ride if you need anything. Hugs to you, Ms. Sailor in Pink!
    xoxo - Trishy

  2. Oh my gosh thank you so much!! You have no idea how much that means to me!
    OoXx-Sailor in Pink