Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard the pink sailboat! The name of our cruiser is S.S. Prep and our captain would be me, the Sailor in Pink.

S.S. Prep is by far the preppiest boat on the water. With a pink hull, Lilly printed sails, and a spinnaker (that's the big colorful sail) with a Vineyard Vines whale on it, we go out with class. Inside, you will find a few small rooms with madras duvet covers, monogrammed pillows, and a Lilly pink elephant night light, just in case you find yourself late night reading. The small kitchen/living room is where you find kelly green upholstered seating with little pillows made of sails, Lilly dinnerware, and the MacBookPro, which is hooked up to our navigation system, along with where we can check up on the latest preppy styles. When racing, the crew all wears navy J. Crew shorts, Sperry Top-Siders, a Lacoste polo in pink or green, and the Rasberry Lemonade Vineyard Vines Nor'easter jacket if it is cold. When not racing, S.S. Prep travels everywhere! From dock to dock, I will blog any place S.S. Prep travels.

Okay, this may not be an actual boat, but metaphorically, S.S. Prep is my ideas of the epitome of preppy. Realistically, I am a sailor who lives by the sea and is a junior in high school. I live in a quaint little beach town where cars are a foreign concept. My beach bike is my version of a car. I work at a local place which I love at night. All day in the summer and in the afternoons and weekends in the winter, I sail all day, unless we are traveling to a regatta.  Sailing truly is my life and my love, but I also spend my time surfing and playing tennis.

I'm about as OCD as it gets. Literally. I am a major organizer and perfectionist, but so far, its helped me. I'm spend a lot of time on the water, but during my off time, I work, spend time with family and friends, read, go to the beach, shop (especially for shoes), work out, and write.

Some day, I hope to work in the government as a lawyer and spend my free time going on missions all over the world. In two years, I'll be heading off to college, where I plan to sail on a very competative level.
During all of this, I plan to have Sperrys on my feet, a Longchamp tote on my arm, critter shorts and a polo on myself, OPI polish on my nails, my iPhone in my hand (someday...), and most importantly, a smile on my face. Oh, and of course, my Lilly agenda at my side. (I told you I have serious OCD)

Follow S.S. Prep on my voyage as the Sailor in Pink. I'll post about everything from fitness to fashion, books to birthday gifts, and everything in between. I'll take photo after photo and of course I'll do my "Daily Dose of Prep," which will be my outfit for the day, and maybe some other surprises.

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink

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