Saturday, September 11, 2010

Study on the Sea

As I am getting ready to begin the college process, (more like just the hard core college process) I have to study for the SAT/ACT. Deciding which one to take is a decision I really could never make. (hehe I rhymed!) I know most people take a prep class in the summer, but there was no way between working and traveling with sailing. I have already taking the PSATs and a practice ACT, and I found that I did much, much better on the ACTs. So, I'm taking the ACTs today for the first time. I'll take the SATs probably in October or November. I'm going to see which one I do better on and then go from there. I figure I'll probably do better on the ACTs and since I'm taking them first, I'm going to go to the library once a week and study for them with the book. If I go to the library, chances are, I will be way more motivated and focused to study.

It sounds stupid, but I like to look good when I go to the library. Not sure why, considering most people walk in in sweat pants, but whatever.

Wish me luck! Any SAT/ACT advice?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx


  1. I had a freakishly intense test prep guy who had a PhD and was an MD too...It was essentially not worth it. All he said was to keep doing problems. Definitely just do every single problem you can get your hands on. The SAT at least really isn't hard as long as you're used to the format of the questions. And that's coming from someone who's generally awful at standardized tests (I overthink WAY too much).

    I usually like to look good in the library too! When I have a LOT of work, I'm definitely a lazy bum in sweats, though :)

    I feel your pain - I'm studying for the GRE. Good luck!!

  2. Take the SATs twice, but no more! I took it in December of my junior year, and then again at the end of junior year. My score improved by 200 points. I thought I could improve it some more, so I took it a 3rd time, but my score dropped! I would definitely take it in the middle of junior year and then again at the end.

  3. I took the ACT like fifty million times. Each time I tested, my test scores improved.

    Get a good nights sleep before the test date, eat breakfast, wear a watch, bring a jacket, do your best, and be proud of yourself.

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife