Friday, September 24, 2010

Port of Call: Cali Beaches

I live on the beach. I've lived in the Ocean State. And we basically only go on trips to places with beaches. So, I've grown to appreciate the qualities of one beach over another and the uniqueness of every beach. No matter where you go, you never have to be far from sand. This time, our toes are in the Pacific. Here's day three of our Cali road trip:
This was Del Mar. We didn't go to the beach, but their downtown was amazing! One thing I noticed about California was that Starbucks were on every corner! That's how Dunkin' is in Rhode Island, but it just added to the feel of California!

This was the Del Mar Library. I am in loveeee with my local library, but this one was just so pretty and welcoming looking! 
The very famous, Laguna Beach! 
We were walking the streets of Laguna looking for small decor pieces for our new house. It honestly was not my favorite place, but it was beautiful.
This was a small surfing town/cove called Carriffe. It was your typical small surf town filled with little beach houses, surf shacks, and yepp, surfers. 
We passed through Newport Beach and drove around on this cool road. The beach was beautiful, but unfortunately, all of my pictures didn't come out very well. Sorry!
"I hopped off the plan at LAX, with a dream and my cardigannnn." 
Huntington Beach! The Pier was beautiful and the beaches were awesome!
And then there was L.A. We just passed through because we really had no time to stop and this was one place we had really no desire to see. But, it was definitely very different from New York or Philly. It was all very spaced out and there was definitely a lot of smog. 

Well, tomorrow we head to Santa Monica and Venice beach!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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