Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Trailer's Tow

Seeing as I will be getting my license in less than 4 months, my family has been looking at potential cars for me. Being that sailing consumes my life on a regular basis, we need a car that I can tow a boat with, too.

So here's the requirements for the car:

  • needs to be able to tow a trailer
  • needs to be able to have a roof rack for a smaller boat
  • needs to have 4 wheel drive (I go over 4 bridges every day to get to school)
  • needs to be safe 

Here are my hopes:

  • needs to be cute
  • needs to have heated seats (it snows a lot here)
  • needs to have a big trunk
  • needs to have at least 3 seats besides the front two for when I'm carting around my sister or my friends who don't have their license yet
  • needs to be navy, white, or beige (I don't like black cars)
We basically are looking at used crossovers, but haven't really priced them out yet. Here's the ones that we are going to look at.

My friend has a Subaru and everyone says its a safe car. I don't know the towing capacity on it, but I know it could take it on the roof, which is good. 

The Ford Escape truly is my favorite. Lilly Lover has it and its so cute! The light color on the inside you can choose and its pink in her car! Plus, this not only has ample amount of room, it can also tow! And its preppy looking I think! (I know, preppy car sounds funny but I may think that just because I have 4 friends who are all preppy and drive that car while wearing Lilly)
This is the Honda CRV. I think its cute! 
This is the Hundai Tuson. My old friend from sailing drove this and I love the size of the trunk! 
Okay, I had to add this in, even though I'd have to move in with another family who'd be willing to get this car. Its a crossover but in Mini Cooper form! How cute! Fashion Friend is driving a Mini and she loves it! That's just such a preppy car! But it definitely would not be able to tow anything.

Any advice from anyone whose already driving?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx


  1. I get my license in nine months and I'm probably going to get my family's suburban, but my Mom has been looking at cars and the Hyundai Santa Fe and Tuscon are good! I love the Ford Escape too!


  2. I love the Ford Escape!
    I have a Pathfinder and love it...I'm not a fan of the new ones though.
    If I got another car, I'd definitely want a Range Rover.
    I need an SUV to haul my stuff to college (I'm a notorious over-packer) and potentially a horse trailer.

  3. I love the Ford Escape and the CRV! They're both cute!

    P.S. Make sure you enter the giveaway I'm hosting!

  4. Greeting Sailor in Pink!

    All of your requirements are spot on...that new 4 door jeep is pretty nice though.
    I work with boats and while I don't put them on the trailer I've hauled a 26ft through a few states at clip