Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Port of Call: San Diego, California

So, this is the first of many posts about my road trip to California. We flew out to San Diego and rented a car that we drove from there all the way to Nappa Valley and Yosemite National Park and everything in between. Here was our first stop: San Diego, California...
This missions out there were absolutely beautiful! At this point, my aunt was suffering from cancer, so we would go into them and light candles. They are one of the most special places I have ever prayed in. There is something just so welcoming and happy about them.
These are the public transportation buses there but they run like trains through the city. We practically were almost hit on our way home from Urban. Luckily we survived!

It is a very big sailing town. In fact, I was asked to go back there to race this past summer, but things fell through. It definitely is on my list of places to sail in my lifetime.
San Diego skyline
This is the Coronado del Mar Hotel in Coronado, San Diego. Marilyn Monroe's movie "Some Like it Hot" was filmed here. It sits on the beautiful beach in Coronado and it is gorgeous!  
I loved their lifeguard stands! Where I live they are legit tall chair stands, so these were a bit of an upgrade!
This Cali cove where the Coronado del Mar was located! 
We always go Yacht Club hunting when we go on trips now. This one was a small shack, but really big boats!
This was called Sea Island, I believe? It was this little park and quaint shopping area. Tons of kites were being flown and steel drums were being played. Loved it!
One of the buildings in the shopping center. This one was a pirate store. My dad bought a pirate flag for his boat. I know, weird right? It looks kinda cool now, though. It's not too big.
There is a section of downtown San Diego called the Gaslamp District. Any guesses why? Shopping here was amazing! They had the best Urban Outfitters on the planet! There was also a Godiva Chocolate place, which was the original one. We got ice cream there. It was by far the best chocolate ice cream ever! I wish I had a picture of it!
So, there was the first day of our Cali road trip. We had the most delicious Mexican food at this cute little Mexican restaurant in Coronado. I was able to add another yacht club to my list. I put my feet in the Pacific for the first time. I ate Godiva Chocolate Ice Cream from the original Godiva Chocolate Store. This was the beginning of a fantastic trip.

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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