Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sailor's School Search: Brown University

Last week I did a post about going to look at Boston University. That same day, I headed to Brown University. It was such an incredible school. Everything about it I absolutely LOVED. It is very liberal, but definitely in the good way. I am very into politics but I am an independent, so it really does not come into the picture when looking at this school. Unfortunately, the coach was down south at a regatta, but I will be visiting again soon anyway. Here's some of my favorites about Brown University:

On the website it says, "The mission of Brown University is to serve the community, the nation, and the world by discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge and understanding in a spirit of free inquiry, and by educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation. We do this through a partnership of students and teachers in a unified community known as a university-college." The whole "spirit of free inquiry" is enough to make me just go to college now. I love that it is a school for thinking, not note taking. I think that is so important and shed a whole new light on my college search.
The campus was absolutely exquisite. Really. It is a four season area, so I can only imagine how gorgeous it must look with a blanket of snow covering the now green lawns. The buildings are all very old looking and most of them are from the 1800's.  
Location: it is nestled right on a hill in Providence, Rhode Island. Rhode Island really is a great place to go to school because everything is so close and there is a free bus that can practically take you anywhere in the state. This is a picture of Waterfire, which is this beautiful festival-like event that goes on during many weekends during the year in Providence. There really is so much culture in Rhode Island and New England. The whole having four seasons thing is also right up my alley. I absolutely love snow and leaves changing colors! Plus, Rhode Island is a very sailor-y state!

They have a really great research program which enables you to go somewhere in the world and research a topic of your choice as long as it is legit. I'm planning on studying International Studies, so I would love to work for Operation Smile on missions and research! 
They have a really great sailing team! Right now they are 5th in the country. My coach was on that team and had nothing but wonderful things to say about it! 
A few other things: They have a great advising program where it is very personal, they have a GORGEOUS campus (I may have mentioned this...), you can take up to 4 classes for credit from the Rhode Island School of Design, the student body is very diverse and you can see that just when you walk through the quads, you can design your own concentration, they have a great financial aid program, and you have the ability to take classes that are not in your field just for fun and they count towards your overall credits.

Brown really was absolutely incredible in every way. I absolutely loved the university and could definitely see myself there. This school definitely gets a 6 out of 5. Yeah, I loved it that much. I lived in Rhode Island for a large portion of my life and that may have made me already feel at home, but either way, it was perfect. From the moment I walked on campus, I felt like I was already a Brunonian. Now, if I only get accepted...

Has anyone gone to Brown or been there before? What do you think?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoxX

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