Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sailor's School Search: Boston University

College searching is a long process and one I definitely do not want to rush. I've been planning out this stuff forever and am now finally visiting the places. A few weeks ago I visited Boston University. I loved it! I did the whole tour, informational session, etc. Plus, I spoke to the sailing coach!

Here's some things I like about Boston University
It is in the perfect location: Boston, Massachusetts. Right on the Charles River, in the city, and all the possibilities that come with that, it is a place one could never grow bored with. Plus, there's good shopping when all else fails!
They have a great study abroad program, which is vital for me because I am planning on majoring in International Studies, so I want to learn at least two languages. 
Yeah, that's Quidditch. I KNOW! They have a team and right before I went they said they were playing Boston College. How cool is that!
Their dorms are for the most part really nice. These are the dorms you'd stay in your Junior and Senior year, but their freshman dorms really aren't bad. My tour guide said for the most part everyone always lives on campus, which I thought was special because it shows a sense of unity.
For the most part, it seemed like a pretty school. I know that sounds shallow, but I seriously plan on going to a school that is pretty. Its just a prerequisite for me. 
And last but certainly not least, their sailing team: B.U.D.S. (aka: Boston University Dinghy Sailing)
I met with the coach and he was so kind! Since it was so last minute, I did not email him, but he stopped everything he was doing to tell us about the team and the regattas. It seemed like a great experience and something I definitely want to look more into.

All in all, I give Boston U a 3.8 out of 5. Its not a 5 because it was very large (16,000 undergrads!), not everything was absolutely gorgeous (although almost all of it was), it was very expensive for what I believe it was ($55 grand a year), but still, it was a fantastic school. I'm just very critical because I went to Brown University the same day and adored it, but that's for another post!

Has anyone see BU? What did you think?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx


  1. BU was high on my list but I just couldn't handle the cold of Boston! DC is slightly warmer so that pretty much made my decision!

  2. LOVE Boston, was not a huge fan of BU, mostly because I loved BC and Northeastern! You're right, very expensive for what it is, but still a solid option. Was just looking at the college sailing rankings (I have really gone from 0 to 60 on this sailing thing!) and BU was definitely in the top 20! Good luck with the whole process, it can be very tedious!

  3. You would probably love Southern Methodist University in Dallas.