Monday, October 4, 2010

Sailors for Sales: Boots

I love reading posts about Vineyard Vines, Lilly, Burberry, Tory Burch, etc, especially for shoes but unfortunately, they are so pricey! So the greatest thing is when you can find something classic and preppy but for an inexpensive price.

I love these! They are from Target and they come in tons of different colors. They look very similar to Hunter Wellingtons and since I wanted to wear socks underneath the rain boots anyway, I may buy the Hunter socks. Either way, they look super similar to the Hunters! 
Price: $25

These are Ralph Lauren riding boots! They are so classic and they don't have any annoying buckles or anything. I found these on eBay, which is definitely a great place to look for any shoe. It works well for me because I have really small feet and they seem to always have my size! Definitely check it out!
Price: $99

Don't these look like Sperry's! Guess what? They aren't! They are from a company called Eurostep and they are available at Famous Footwear. My sister actually bought these for school and honestly, I'm so loyal to my Sperrys but not gonna lie, these have much  better support and they don't get such an old look to them so fast. They are perfect!
Price: $44 (Famous Footwear always runs the buy one get one 50% off sale too!)

Such classic shoes! I've always had a pair of Keds. They are perfect for warmer fall days with matchstick jeans and a crew neck sweater or with a cute corduroy skirt! I love, love, love Keds but even on sale they are at least $30. They are definitely good quality for canvas shoes, but still, you can't buy in bulk then and still keep things at a small price. These are from Urban Outfitters and they are 2 for $30, which I definitely think is a great deal and they have different colored laces you can buy! I think that could be fun! You could get pink shoes and add a navy ribbon. My friends and I want to take a pair of them and design them with fabric paint. Sounds tacky, but think of the cute possibilities!
Price: $18 or 2 for $30
Oh flip I'll miss you in these cold coming months! I think these sandals are just so pretty. The color is beautiful and the style is gorgeous. These are a great deal for their look and they are from Urban Outfitters, too.
Price: $25
How cute are these! I love ballet flats for the fall and the winter. These would be so adorable with a wool skirt and tights. I love the ruffle puff (yeah, I don't know the exact word you'd call that but there's my interpretation) on the top and the color is so cute. Thank you, Old Navy. 
Price: $22

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute! I love the Old Navy one's! I've been wanting a pair of flats...may have to hop over there today and see what they have ;)

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  2. I'm in love with the RL boots (and of course the adorable keds!)!