Sunday, October 10, 2010

Captain Pink's Pink Inspiration

Everyone has their inspiration. My one inspiration is Elle Woods. I know, she comes off unintelligent, materialistic, and not serious, but I think who she stays through her success is what I admire. Everyone wants her to mold into the stereotype and I admire her for having her own, personal mold. She has the kindest, gentlest soul, she's smart, she's hard working (once she gets that "Chip on her shoulder"), but she does not base her life only upon her job. Also, she never becomes arrogant or condescending, although she is growing into a very successful woman. If you look around, people that are successful usually do not have their toes on the ground. Elle does not have her feet on the ground either, but that's just because she's wearing heals. Plus, her signature color is pink and she wears it proudly with pearls. Hopefully, someday when I'm doing whatever in politics or international studies, I'll be able to be my own Legally Blonde. The only difference is, I'll never do it for a guy. But in Elle's case, doing it for a guy was the best choice she ever made.
Legally Blonde <3

Legally Blonde <3 by The Sailor in Pink on

But seriously, whoever said orange was the new pink WAS seriously disturbed. Nothing will ever be the new pink, it just isn't possible.

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

PS: Happy 10/10/10!!! 


  1. Perzactly. And orange? methinks not. Never.

    Sending you a smile,

  2. Wonderful job with you collage! Your blog is so cute<3 I just stared mine

  3. Pink is the best. I am a pinkaholic though so I am biased ;)

  4. Elle Woods is adorable!! And I LOVE pink too!

  5. I love her! I study PoliSci at my university and WWED (What would Elle do?) stays in the back of my mind :D