Saturday, October 2, 2010

Port of Call: Nappa Valley and Sonoma

Wine country: the perfect place to go. If you are over 21 that is. Beachy Mama, Captain Dad, Surfer Sister, and I ended our trip in wine country. It was beautiful and I took so many pretty pictures! Surfer Sister and I spent most of our time taking pictures and trying the dips and bread, which was the only thing we could eat legally, but it was still so fun!
Whether you looked left or right, grape vines stretched for miles on both sides of the roads. 
The only thing more beautiful than the mile long vineyards were the homes on the vineyards!
We went to the Rubicon Estate, which is the oldest winery in all of the US. In fact, Nicholas Cage's family owns this!
Surfer Sister looking out over the Rubicon wine grapes.
Another beautiful winery! I believe this one is the Mondavi winery.
This was another winery in Sonoma. They had this amazing chocolate sauce! That's one of the many great parts of wine country if you don't drink. There are always sauces to try with pretzel sticks or crackers. They are all amazing!

And this concludes my California road trip! S.S. Prep's sailing back to the east coast for a while.
Hope you liked my Port of Call posts!

Have you ever been to California? Where did you go?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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