Thursday, December 16, 2010

S.S. Pink's Plays Number 2

With Christmas season in full bloom, I thought it was appropriate to talk about Christmas season in the city. I go into the city relatively frequently as it is, but our school goes on Broadway trips a few times a year and last year, we went to see the Broadway musical Hair.
We first started at the Radio City Music Hall, where we were given a time and place to meet with a few hours to do whatever it was we wanted. So our first stop was...
Anthropologie! One thing I love about all of my friends is that we are all so different. However, this is one store we can all agree on! I got the cutest sweater for Surfer Sister here and small home decor things for Beachy Mama on sale, too!
The Rockefeller Christmas tree is known by all, but my favorite thing is remembering when I was in second grade and it taking an hour to go three miles because they were cutting down the Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center down the street from my house. We met up with my friend's sister who was in college in the city. Her roommate was from California and had never seen the tree before!
We spent most of our time walking in and out of stores in Times Square. The lights in Times Square and the craziness of the holiday season was so great!
And then we went to see the play!
The music was awesome! The play was fantastic! At the end, you can go up on stage and dance with them and my friends and I went!
It was definitely a hippie play, but it was so fun! The actors/acresses run through the audience and play with your hair. It's really fun!
To get everyone back to the bus to do the headcount, we screamed "M NATION!" for a solid ten minutes. 
I really do love our school's unity and spirit, which was so evident all through the night as always. 

It was certainly a beautiful night in the City. 

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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