Friday, December 10, 2010

Bradley on the Boat

Like most people, I have wayyy too much Vera Bradley. I know a lot of people I've spoken to about this keep saying that they want to start to veer away from Vera, but I just love the look of going on trips with my Vera duffle, cosmetic case, coin purse, among other things. Some of their prints lately have been a little too old looking for me but at the same time, there's always at least one pattern a season I really like.
I love the mailbag! I think its cute for when you are going around looking at colleges or in the city because its a cross body bag. 
I really love this print! The cosmetic travel case is something I definitely have to order because I have swim practice for school at 5:00 AM! I have to take a shower at the pool and then go to school. Ughhhh....
This is my ultimate school companion, along with my Lilly planner! I take it on trips, too, to keep my keys, pencils, etc in.
The Vera wallet is great for sailing because if I get it dirty, I don't feel bad about it and its compact enough to fit in my gear bag. 
I love my small duffel! This is the large one, which will definitely be on my Christmas/Birthday wish list. You need a duffel for sailing for just your clothes to wear at night and this is perfect because it is expandable and strechy.
This may be a pencil case, but it works so perfectly as a bag for my goggles and swim cap during swim season!

What are you favorite Vera Bradley things?

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx

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  1. I know how you feel! I honestly cannot stop buying Vera. But why would anyone want to? :)

    I hope the spring patterns are going to be nice. I'm excited to buy some more!