Thursday, December 23, 2010

Charmed, Nautical, and Fabulous!

I love the idea of a charm bracelet! Its like a little scrapbook that's cuter and more functional! Last year for my birthday we went to Tiffany and Co. on 5th Avenue in New York City to get me my first Tiffany piece of jewelery. I got an Anchor pendant necklace! I saw the charm bracelet and fell in love! Hopefully, someday, I'll save up to start making one of my own! 
I love the Tiffany Charm bracelet! 
I think an initial or monogram is essential!
This reminds me of my summers by the sea!
Beachy Mama, Captain Dad, graduation? Eh? Eh?
I'm a Christmas born baby, so I have a special love for Christmas and this charm is adorable!
I love the crab! I'm not a big fan of gold, but this in sterling silver would be perfect for a charm bracelet.
Someday, when I get back into tennis, I will get this charm...
This one really does not need an explanation.
It is a goal of mine to be a major world traveler. With sailing, I'm a coast traveler, but hey, its a start!

May the wind be with you,
The Sailor in Pink OoXx


  1. I love all of those charms! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I love charm bracelets and I LOVE Tiffany's!! I get almost all my jewelry from there. You should look into James Avery. I got my charm bracelet there for Christmas in 6th grade. They have a much bigger selection of charms!!!! (And it's a lot less expensive) Love your blog! xoxo

  3. I love charm bracelets!! I get a new charm for mine on every special occasions!!

  4. Awwww, I had a charm bracelet when I was younger and I loved it! It's so cool how you can have a charm for every memory and occasion! I love your blog cute!

  5. The crab is darling!

    Come by and enter my giveaway for a See by Chloe tote bag if you like!

  6. I need this in my life!

    love your blog, following you now :)

  7. I love charm bracelets! Such a cute blog, girl.

  8. Soooooo chic! Check my blog sweetie and tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! Kisses